Marketing Plan for Bathroom Fixtures in Canada

Marketing Plan for



Prepared for:   G. Liberatore
November 23, 2004

Executive Summary

The Market for bathroom fixtures and accessories is ever increasing due to information provided that Canadians and Americans will be heading toward a water shortage if they continue with their current water usage.   Currently there has been an increase in water saving products in the bathroom fixture market.   These products are designed to use less water than the traditional ones that were originally installed in most homes.

Aqua Fixes is a small corporation that was established in 1985.   The products that our company produces include shower fixtures and shower accessories.   Our company name has become increasingly known over the years. Currently our products can be found at all location where bathroom fixtures and accessories are sold.   As well our products can be found in all building supply stores. We offer a variety of products to consumers and home renovators including numerous models of shower heads and portable whirlpools.

The objectives of Aqua Fixes and the Aquastat are to satisfy customer needs in regards to reducing water consumption and also to offer customers products that increase safety and reduce the number of hazards associated with the bathroom and bathtub.   Our company thrives on social responsibility and we aim to help customers incorporate products into their households that increase their awareness of social responsibility.   Our company‚Äôs main marketing strategies and objectives are to provide top quality products at reasonable prices to consumers.
Table of Contents

Current Marketing Situation Analysis 1
  Product and Service Review 1
  Market Overview 1
    Bathroom Market in General 1
    Trends and needs 1
  Environments 2
    Demographics 2
    Economic 2
    Technological 2
    Political 2
    Legal 2
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  Competition Review 3
  Distribution Review 3