Marketing Essay

Running head: PRODUCT LAUNCH

Product Launch
Learning Team D
Devin Smith, Glenn Burnett, Mary Kim Piccinini, Rogelio Ramirez, Santianna Stewart
University of Phoenix MKT/571 Marketing
Instructor Bryce McDonald
February 14, 2013

Introduction (Mary)
Market Needs (Glenn)
Rain for Rent provides temporary liquid handling through a wide variety of handling solutions including storage tanks, mobile pumps, filtration and spill containment. The company provides services to oil field refineries, government municipalities, the mining industry, construction firms, and the agricultural industry.   The company seeks to meet the needs of the market by:
  * Engineering expertise – Rain for Rent’s engineering expertise allows them to solve complex problems for multiple industry needs.
  * Cost effective solutions - Rain for Rent’s experience and expertise allows them to competitively bid projects.
  * Providing high values to the customer – The company seeks to provide value to the consumer through high customer satisfaction from high quality solutions at competitive pricing.
Market Growth (Glenn)
Rain for rent will penetrate the German market by offering high quality, low cost solutions for temporary liquid handling to governmental institutions and mining interests. Rain for rent is already the market leader in the United States in mobile pump renting and the demand for this type of equipment is increasing in Germany as they expand their renewable energy infrastructure following the nuclear reactor accident in Japan. “According to the report by the German Energy Agency (Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH, or Dena), the country can expect to invest at least €27.5 billion ($35.8 billion) and up to as much as €42.5 billion ($55.4 billion) in the massive expansion and rebuilding program that its electricity distribution network will need” (World Nuclear News, 2012).
In addition to the need for infrastructure expansion Germany has undertaken massive hydraulic...