Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
The main aim of the Integrated Marketing Communication plan is to acquire one-third (33%) of DiGi Telecommunications market share over the next 3 years in Malaysia. We are being appointed as the marketing consultant by DiGi Telecommunications in Malaysia and we have analyze the firm’s marketing strategy in the field of their prospective segments, the chosen target market, SWOT analysis, brand awareness, product design, product positioning, advertising and sales promotion. As a marketing consultant, we have notice that the DiGi Telecommunications utilized generic marketing strategy such as low cost leader in DiGi Prepaid brand services, resulted in a number of first industry benchmarks for simplicity and innovation, differentiated goods and services satisfy the needs of customers through a sustainable competitive advantage. In fact, in 31st March 2010, DiGi Telecommunications had 7.9 million mobile subscriptions, also the third largest mobile operator in Malaysia. In Integrated Marketing plan, we will contribute in the area such as group or segment those types of potential and existing customers that are most likely to benefit from our DiGi product line. Continuing with that, we will set up our IMC objectives to achieve our aim, which also covers the promotional mix for each of the tools as well. Further, we shall be looking at the budget that we need for the whole IMC plan. Lastly, we will evaluate the media tools that we select to see whether are effective or not.

2.0 Situation Analysis
DiGi.Com Berhad is listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and is part of the global telecommunications provider, Telenor Group. Its mobile service...