Hnc Project
However due to the increased competition and marketing efforts of rival companies, Outfitters need to elevate its sales and promote its offers.
A questionnaire can be drafted to get the response regarding the primary problem of research. The questionnaire will be designed in such a way that allows customers to give response regarding the products, current insight of satisfaction level and other general demands.
Interviews of staff members can also be conducted in which their personal experience can help gain knowledge regarding customer’s interest and level of satisfaction.   For instance, twelve store managers can be investigated randomly to know customer’s adherence towards brand offers and any ideas of enhancement.
The brand can organize a direct observation within the brand Outlet’s in order to understand the shopping practice and how customers select different products in the outlets. The observation can be carried out by an observer who will inspect the actions and style of customers during their visit at the outlets. The observation should be conducted especially during the weekends since targeted customers in the age range 18-35 years shop during these days. The amount of time spent by customers in the store and their views about Outfitters products will be observed.