Marketing Daycare

      Stars Childcare is a comprehensive childcare facility caring for babies, toddlers and children from 0 – 12 years of age based in Vancouver, Canada (Stars, 2012). Shala Monfred, owner and manager of Stars, states that Stars facility is focused on attracting the upper middle to high income families where both parents are earning a living in the household (Personal Communication, December 1, 2012). Professional care for children is comparable to having a mortgage or paying rent – it is not inexpensive. Those who can afford and who want to have their children cared for tend to be families where both parents work and are unable to attend to their children during working hours. Stars began in 1989 in the basement of a loving mother’s home (who just so happens to be my mother) who did not want to leave her child in a childcare in an unknown country. Shala began Early Childhood Education courses toward a diploma as well as attended other workshops, seminars and courses in child behavior management (Stars, 2012). Over time, Shala gained word-of-mouth reputation and years of experience in child caregiving (Personal Communication, December 1, 2012). The level of ‘love’ and specialized care created at Stars is what separates it from the rest of the childcares. Vicky says “The childcare is licensed and it is in my view a hidden gem in the world of childcares” (Stars, 2012). Stars became a licensed facility in 1994 and moved to a new spacious location in 1996 until today – still running strong (Personal Communication, December 1, 2012). In the last two decades, the number of licensed childcare facilities in Canada nearly doubled. This expansion was mostly attributable to the increase in the demand for childcare services. Higher employment rates for mothers and an increase in children aged 4 and under were the cause. Stars has adapted to these changes to ensure they maintain a competitive edge to continuously attract and retain clients (Personal...