SWOT Analysis
Latino Insurance Services – Kearns Office


Marketing 1030
Prof. Ledesma

Latino Insurance began business in June of 2006.   Originally, there was just one office in Kearns.   Now the owner, Vanessa Rojas has three offices. She runs the original office in Kearns, which is at 4140 West 5415 South Suite 4. As well as one in Rose Park located at 1285 West 500 North Suite E. With the final location in Ogden located at 3055 Washington Boulevard.   The office in Rose Park opened in August of 2007, with the Ogden location opening in October of 2008.   The business hours of each office are Monday through Friday 9:00 -7:00 and Saturday 10:00-3:00.  

The service that Latino Insurance provides is Property and Casualty insurance including cars, houses, motorcycles and ATV’s.   They offer a workers compensation option as well as commercial insurance.   Currently, Latino Insurance only employs 6 people, including the owner, Vanessa.   There is one licensed agent in each office and one customer service representative.  

For Latino Insurance Services to become more successful, they need to do two things.   First, they need to get their name out. To do this, they could offer a discount for customers with referrals. They could also advertise in segments and with other Hispanic businesses.   This could be judged by a growth chart, comparing the next six months to the past and seeing if their advertising was successful.   I would also recommend they track how customers were brought in so they could continue successfully advertising.   Secondly, they need to show the customers that they do have, that they are there for them and they do care about the customer.   This is important because they need to get their retention rate up and they need to keep the customers that they do bring in.   This could be judged by the retention rate as of right now, and after their six month retention campaign.

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