Market Research on Hamburgers

A Market for hamburger
Hamburger is a sandwich made of cooked ground meat such as pork or combination of meats, and patty, placed inside a roll of sliced bread. It is classified into fast food and individually made hamburger. Usually, hamburger is served with onions, tomatoes, cheese and condiments such as mustard. It is produced in masses in factories and frozen to make them reach consumers fresh.   This food may be offered in all fast food restaurants, used as picnic food, in parties or as fast dinner.
A hamburger can also be made of different varieties. Its components include Ground liver, binders such as eggs and bread crumbs, seasonings such as salt, pepper, soy sauce and onions. Different types of meat are also used. Some include turkey meat, chicken meat, and ostrich meat among others. Its name depends on the type of meat used in its preparation. Sea food or lamb mixture with beef and textured (to avoid reducing nutritional value) vegetable proteins are also added.
The components may be served separately or added to the hamburger. It is also topped with avocado, bacon and cheese or chili. Other uncommonly added ingredients include fried eggs, cheese, pineapple, chili peppers, onion rings and potato chips. Some are made of two parties whereas others are made of three parties. Those made of two parties are referred to as double duckers and those made of three parties are known as triple duckers. They are also smoothened with different colors to capture the different interests of consumers.  
The market for this product internationally located. This means that, the product is produced and sold in different countries all over the world. Marketing of the product thus is high due to its spread. Production is made in many different factories all over the world hence making the market for hamburger easily accessible. This spread of the production also ensures high supply. The product is also locally availed. It ensures each consumer a quick access of the product...