Marketing Research

Trecian Brown
Professor Tustin
Unit 8 Project
Fancher Golf Center
Growing up in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Brian Fancher dreamed of becoming a professional golfer. As a captain of his high school golf team in both his Junior and Senior years, he led his team to many tournament championships. His success did not go unnoticed by college coaches and he was offered scholarships by the University of Texas at Austin, UCLA, Stanford and Pepperdine University. He decided to accept Pepperdine University’s offer, where he went on to be the team’s star in his sophomore year. In his last two seasons, he experienced enough success and started to believe that his dream of becoming a professional golfer can become a reality. After graduation, he pursued his goal by entering the PGA Qualifying Tournament but failed but the following year he tried again and received his PGA tour card.
In his first and second season Brian earned a total of $2, 243, 500 before long tragedy struck. While playing the first round of a tournament Brian’s club caught a tree root during his downswing resulting in a serious wrist and shoulder injuries. Surgeons were able to repair the damage but he was informed that his professional career of playing golf was over. He decided to move back home where is mother experienced serious health problems. Brian was disappointed, but still loved golf and wanted to earn his living by being somehow involved in the sports. He decided to use his earnings to create a Golf Center in Harrisonburg. Brian and his associate wanted to assess the validity of his business idea so he contacted the Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center which was housed at James Madison University. He met with the marketing research professor and students to produce a list of research problems.
The types of error that were likely introduced by the data collection process varied. Team one who focused on the permanent Harrisonburg residents 18-70 years of age decided to use the...