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Market Research
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There are several countries in the world where water quality is still an issue even in these times of advanced technology and miraculous medical interventions, and the cause of many diseases that take lives every day, regardless of age. Two countries this paper will be referring to are India and Niger, Africa, where the drinking water quality issue has been long debated and targeted by various organizations. The need for o solution is a high pitched scream.
Since every project starts with baby steps, and since tremendous global efforts are needed in combating such horrific issue, a start to help lay out a strategy for the short run until the long run can be executed, is to introduce the Brita water filter pitcher. It is easy to carry, easy to handle and easy to store, but it will surely help the population in obtaining a better quality for the drinking water consumed by their families. Since the drinking water shortage is increasingly becoming a concern for the global population, in Nigeria and India, it is even worse. A Brita eater filter pitcher is the solution for the short run.
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According to a study conducted by several agencies, such as the Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation, along with many others, regarding the quality and shortage of drinking water in India, the lives of people as well as the environment around them is slowly being affected. During summer times, when the demands for agriculture, industrial and domestic must be met, drinking water is not available. The chemical contaminants such as fluoride, arsenic and selenium are a very serious health hazard in India. An estimated 70 million people are at risk of such contamination (SURSA).
The water charity WaterAid, along with UNESCO and other different organization, also make efforts in spreading the word about the poor quality of drinking water in Niger, one other country where...