Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

I am a Mechanical Engineer by qualification, graduated in June 2008, with ‘First Class with Distinction’ working as a ‘Design Engineer (NA-ME)’ with ‘Cybermarine K. S. Pvt. Ltd.’
Being from a minority Konkani community - a native of mountainous regions on western coast of India, the lack of opportunities and resources limited my parents to mere high school education. But their unfulfilled passion for academic excellence has been a driving spirit in my life so far. In fact, I am the first Engineer from my family and also a first person to even consider post-graduation abroad. I have always aimed to rise up from that oblivion, and most importantly - be one of the foremost and prolific global citizens from my community, where higher education has taken a backseat in the quagmire of ignorance and agricultural dependence.
The progress into Naval Architectural profession was not a fortuitous one, rather a well-planned move to channelize my fascination into a rewarding profession. Being a son of Marine Technician in Mumbai Port Trust, the access to ships and marine machinery workshops caught my interest and fired my imagination about those complex systems. It was around this time that I came across an history article about the defeat of gigantic Armadas in the naval war against the English. And as I explored deeper, I was astonished to find how merely the design of hull and propulsion systems became one of the significant cause of the haplessness of giant Armada warships against smaller English warships.
Consequently, this fascination along with professional introspection, led me to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering as an alternative to Naval Architecture, due to personal constraints and non-availability of such course in Mumbai University. It has been an enriching experience learning diverse topics in 4 years of mechanical engineering, but the topics that caught my interest were that of Fluid Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Learning the...