warning for the installer
- Please read carefully the instructions in this booklet and advice for proper installation.
- The manufacturer disclaims any responsibility for any damage deirvanti from misuse and irrational appliance.
- This appliance conforms to EEC Directive 87/308 on the suppression of radio interference

size of the oven (see Fig. 1)
size of the oven cavity (see Fig. 2-3)
any furniture adjacent to the oven must withstand high temperatures or be protected by suitable materials

Electrical connection of the oven

this device must be installed by a qualified electrician familiar with the current safety standards and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
- Before connecting
1) ensure that the rated voltage of the electricity grid corresponds to that of the dwelling, shown on the rating plate signage. the plate (Fig. 4) and placed on the front right.
2. Make sure the power which must be operated in the kiln, either higher or at least sufficient competence in relation to maximum power absorption

After installation, electrical parts should not be accessible. The technican is   responsible for proper installation of the equipment and its conformita with local laws.
- Ensure system efficiency grounded outlet pass current dwelling. the grounding of the appliance and obbilatoria to the law. For this reason, any plug socket used in addition to being capable;; 'absorption, must be the same type.
- Install an organ break switch with contact opening distance equal to or greater than 3 mm, installed at not more than 2m from the apparatus...

-If the oven is without a cable used to connect a power cable size H05 RR-F 3 * 2.5mm2.
-Connect the cable to the plug.
to connect the power cord to the terminal principlae the oven, follow these steps:
Cut-sheathed power cable for about 60mm. Taking into account that the earth and the yellow / green, and that its length should be approximately 30mm larger than the cable line....