Critique of a Manual

Critique of Manual
Samsung NX1000 Smart Camera User Manual Critique
  I. Introduction
The user manual I chose to critique is from Samsung. The item is the Samsung NX1000 Smart Camera. This camera has 20.3 mega-pixels, built in WiFi, 1/4000 shutter speed, high speed capture, HD video, 3D panorama, panorama (regular), a smart panel, and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). The complete user manual can be found at
  II.   Document Organization
The user manual has 184 pages and is broken down into seven (7) pages. The first six pages (6) is the health and safety information. The first chapter is my camera. The topics covered in this chapter are getting started, camera layout, display icons, lenses, accessories, and shooting modes. The second chapter covers the shooting modes (Samsung, 1995-2003). This covers size, quality, ISO sensitivity, white balance, picture wizard, AF mode, AF area, MF assist, optical image stabilization (OIS), drive (shooting mode), flash, metering, smart range, selective color, color space, exposure compensation, and video function. The third chapter is playback/editing. This chapter covers searching and managing files, viewing photos, playing videos, and editing photos (Samsung, 1995-2003). The fourth chapter covers the wireless network. This covers connecting to a WLAN and configuring network settings, saving files to a smart phone automatically, sending photos or videos on a TV Link-enabled TV, sending photos using WiFi Direct, and about the wake on LAN (WOL) feature. The fifth chapter covers camera settings menu. This covers user settings, setting 1, setting 2, setting 3, and GPS. The sixth chapter covers connecting to external devices. This covers viewing files on an HDTV or a 3DTV, printing photo, transferring files to your computer, and using programs on a PC. The seventh and final chapter is the appendix. This covers error messages, maintaining the camera, before...