Best Practices Manual

Best Practices Manual
For Supervisors

January 15, 2011

Being   a   successful   supervisor   involves   more   than   just,   being   in   charge.   There   are   several   basic   skills   necessary   to   help   outcomes   for   your   organization   and   the   employee’s   you   supervise.   Within   this   manual,   you   will   find   those   basic   tools   that   are   necessary   to   help   with   the   tasks   that   a   supervisor   has   to   deal   with   almost   everyday   to   supervise   effectively   and   efficiently.   Being   a   successful   supervisor   entails   certain   responsibilities,   responsibilities   that   include:   Demonstrating   Effective   Communication   Skills,   Determining   Effective   Orientation   and   Training   Methods,   Improving   Productivity   for   Teams,   Conducting   Performance   Appraisals,   Resolving   Conflicts,   and   Improving   Employee   Relations.

Communication   can   be   used   to   inform,   command,   instruct,   assess,   influence,   and   persuade   other   people.   Demonstrating   effective   communication   skills   is   important   in   all   aspects   of   life   including,   business.   As   the   supervisor,   you   will   use   communications   on   a   daily   basis.   Much   of   your   time   will   be   spent   communicating   with   others   and   good   supervisors   develop   effective   communication   over   time.   These   skills   are   used   to   take   in   information,   for   the   motivation   of   employees,   and   to   deal   effectively   with   bosses,   customers,   and   other   employees.   Having   good,   communication   skills   can   significantly   affect   a   supervisor’s   success.

Communicating   effectively,   is   an   important   management   skill   for   several   reasons.   Supervisors   that   fail   to   offer   clear   guidance   often   find   that   their   staff   of   employees   do   their   work   unsatisfactorily   because,   they   do not   understand   what   is   expected   of   them.   Supervisors   must   give   direction   to   the   people   who   work   for   them.   Good   supervisors   must   utilize   their   abilities   to...