Managing the Work of Individuals and Teams

Managing the work of Individuals and teams

Review the performance of teams – Assignment 4

Task 1

I have chosen a Production team (Foundry) to base my answer on.

I am going to explain why it is important to praise team’s performance;

Team effectiveness –

It essential to know if teams are hitting targets that have been set for them and if there are any. If you cannot measure the team’s contribution in some type of way you won’t be able to manage what they are doing. The management need to know if they are working at the best level and production does not decrease. The effectiveness might influence cost. An example of this may be, the Production team has a target of to cast 50 tonnes in one week, but they only cast 40 tonnes, therefore they have lost 20 % of production (10 tonnes)  

Contribution to the business –

This is similar to the above and is strongly linked to the productivity of a team. This is something that can be seen and actually measured efficiently and effectively like the amount of scrap produced by a team for a particular project task/component. e.g. 5 components (1 tonne each) are programmed to cast but 3 are scrapped for chemical analysis.

The Make-up of the team –

This linked to the structure of the team. The production team for a foundry would be as follows.

Individual’s contributions –

Within a team every individual has their contributions to complete a task.  

The Production manager overlooks everything within the production team; they manage the manning within the team. They forecast the casting programme for each week and aim to get the most production out in least amount of time successfully. If he/she manages the team well all members of the team will have a similar amount of contribution where necessary.

The technical team are not a part of the production team but do influence them, by having a say on if they want to change something on a casting and they need to stop production to do this.