Managing Operations Research

1.1 Define a problem in own area of responsibility, that has arisen out of a need to make better use of available
      In¬†organizational studies,¬†resource management¬†is the efficient and effective development of an organization's resources when they are needed. Such resources may include financial resources, inventory, human skills, production resources, or information technology. In the best interest of the company it is important that all resources are used efficiently so as to maximise productivity and reduce waste and cost.
De La Rue aims at making use of available resources at all times and in every single job it takes under its wing. However, problems sometimes do arise and it is important that they are tackled at once and treated as urgent.
One problem that has lately arisen is that the company received a customer complaint that it had to tackle with immediate urgency. The customer argued that the small digits on the right hand corner of the note were a few centimetres more to the left than they are on the usual notes. This led to uncertainty as to whether that particular batch of notes was authentic or not. The local Bank insisted that all notes in that particular batch be returned to De La Rue to be checked and to rule out any other possible defects in the paper notes. The quality department took it upon itself to contact the sales department in order to investigate the matter and to trace the amount of notes that could have been affected. The management team traced who the employees in charge of that particular batch of notes were, in order to set up an immediate meeting. Present for the meeting was also the finishing department.

1.2 Establish the objectives for the problem resolution and any specific requirements that must be met in
      proposing a solution.
The first step was to come up with a formal model description. De La Rue discussed the problem with the Bank which opened the complaint. By talking with the client...