Operation Research

Executive Summary (Zoe)
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    1. Introduction   2. Project Planning   3. Improvement Plan and Methodology       4.1 Review and Improvement on Supply of Raw Materials       4.2 Machine Replacement       4.3 Review and Improvement on Staff Allocation       4.4 Review and Improvement on Work Scheduling       4.5 Review and Improvement on Transportation of Products to Customers   4. Conclusion   5. Reference   6. Appendix | |

  1. Introduction
Established in 2003, Techron Pte Ltd was originally a privately owned company. In 2013, Techron was purchased by Nano Foundries and is now known as Techron Foundries Pte Ltd.
Techron Foundries is based in Singapore with manufacturing bases in Jakarta, Indonesia; K. Lumpur, Malaysia; Songkhla, Thailand and also in Shanghai, China.
Techron Foundries is a semiconductor manufacturing and testing company that provides the best quality integrated circuits (IC) to many leading electronic giants that are monopolizing the industry at the current flow of time.  
Techron Foundries is known for their reputation for quality of workmanship, reliability and cost effective customer service through continual development and improvement. They manufacture and test ICs under a management system which satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14000 for all the bases around the world.
Lately, Techron has been facing a few challenges and losing some of their long term customers. Thus, the managing board of directors of Techron Foundries have looked into revamping their current business model and also identifying areas for improvement.
They knocked on the doors of NUS Industrial Research and Development to get the top players of this expertise to do an analytical study and take on the revamping project. This is where our team steps in to start the project that would change the point of view of Techron Foundries Pte Ltd to the eyes of the world.

  2. Project Planning (Zk and Mansoor)