Managerial Competencies

I often perform the role of a producer , director , coordinator , monitor , facilitator , mentor , innovator and broker as a manager . These roles keep on overlapping in most of the situations . I feel that all these roles are essential to become an effective manager . These roles are actually prime factors that are required for successful completion of a task .
These factors are responsible for gaining confidence of the team as well .

I promote excellent working conditions and team spirit amongst my team
members so that they are able to perform in a positive and conducive
environment . Whenever there is any change, I try to produce change
management strategies so that the team members are able to adjust to the
new situations accurately . I also produce ways so that people are able
to utilize their maximum potential.

I possess the ability to delegate tasks according to the ability of my
team members . I know how to direct my team members in a tough situation ,
even when I myself am not sure whether my ideas would click or not . I
always provide confidence to people even during testing times and keep
on boosting their confidence till the very end . If in any case , my team
experiences a failure , I do not loose my integrity rather prepare my
group for the next task in hand . Hence I work as an excellent director
and I am happy about the fact that many of my team members feel that I
have the capacity to...

Mba Matrix

In this essay, I will be utilizing the Masters of Business Administration (MBA Matrix) degree to answer and discuss the following questions.   By examining which program outcome I feel will add the most value for me?   Along with which managerial competencies reflect my current strengths?
The Managerial Accounting program will be an added value to me.   By providing me the necessary knowledge to create a budget and obtain a clearer understanding.   Of what a budget is used for?   When related in the business world....