Management Within an Organization

In this essay there will be an in-depth explanation of why management is so important within an organization and the roles that managers play within an organization.   This essay shall look at the different managerial functions and the need for communication within an organization as well as how, having a manager can increase the efficiency of organizations and how in today’s open markets, the need for leadership is essential to the growth and effectiveness of an organization

What is Management?
Management is defined as the accomplishment of organizational goals through the conscious process of individual and group coordination (Duncan, 1983:7). Since the industrial revolution there have been organizations amassing throughout the world. An organization is a collection of people working together to achieve a common purpose (Hellriegel, Jackson, Locum, Staude, Amos, Klopper, Louw, Oosthuizen 2010:6). These organizations need structure, and thus there is a need for management. Organizations exist in order to satisfy human needs and wants.
Due to competition in today’s markets, one of the most important roles of management is to increase efficiency, through the use of management principles and techniques, which can be developed and improved upon (Koontz, 1980:15).   Efficiency is related to how well a goal is achieved which in turn maximizes profit through the high quality of products at low costs which results in effective profit and turnover (Hellriegel, 2008:8).
Managers are essential for the running of competent staff by defining what needs to be done and motivating, thus ensuring productivity and flexibility. Managers are also responsible for the structure of the organizations and do this by putting systems in place to ensure all areas and departments run smoothly and achieve deadlines and goals that are set out.   Therefore it is evident how essential it is for the running of the social aspect of an organization and the structure of the...