Management Within an Organization

Management within an Organization
December 8, 20111
David Pease

Management within an Organization
This dissertation will discuss how internal and external forces affect the four functions of management. It will examine the factors of globalization, technology, innovation, diversity, and ethics, and their ability to affect the four functions of management as well as a review of how managers at Walmart can use delegation to manage each factor effectively. This entire summary will show readers how to identify factors that may be harmful to his or her ability to manage and maintain a competitive advantage in the workplace.
Internal and External Factors
Many forces both internal and external affect the four function of management within an organization. Internal forces that affect the four functions may include an organizations technological capacity, culture, management systems, finances, or employee morale. Whereas external forces that affect the four functions are competition, economy, demographics, or technological changes. One external force that affects the planning function is the economy; it directly affects a manager’s ability to operate effectively, and influences his or her planned selections (Thomas S. Bateman, Scott A. Snell, 2009). Managers must review the organizations ability to service a specific market effectively, the level of interest of the consumer with the market, are there any pre-existing organizations in the same area, and their current sales (Thomas S. Bateman, Scott A. Snell, 2009).   One internal example would be that of employee morale, if employees are discontent with his or her job situation, he or she may become unmotivated and unproductive. This makes the planning process harder and can add stress to upper management. The next function affect by external and internal forces is the organizing function. The external environment is and external force that affects the organizing processes of a company. The external...