Management Report

Introduction including overview of area inspected and activities taking place
                This is the report of health, safety and environment inspection carried out at Abudhabi Financial Center project on 31 Jan 2012. During my inspection I have covered the construction site, site office, yard, work shop, welfare facilities, and store. Overall the construction site found good and attitude towards the health, safety and environment is satisfactory up to some extent.   A variety of works like scaffolding erection, working at height, confined space works, concreting, hot works, lifting operations, concrete breaking works was going on there in the site. This report addresses the work related health, safety and environmental issues found during my inspection. Some of them need extreme consideration. All observations included in the appendix.

Executive Summary

                The issues need top priority and considerations are unsafe working platform, unsafe scaffolds, confined space entry, unsafe lifting gears, absence of competent scaffolder and rigor, unsafe and damaged electrical distribution boxes, poor cable management, machine without guard, lack of emergency switch, lack of sufficient   personnel protective equipments like goggles, dust mask, earplug and ear muffs etc. The issues need urgent consideration and rectification given below. This includes third party training for scaffolders and rigors. Approximate cost for the training and rectifications are noted below.

Main findings of the inspection
  1) Observation no.1 and 13 Unsafe scaffolds and incompetent scaffolders                                                                                                        

Unsafe scaffolds and incompetent scaffolders are one of the major issues.   The unsafe working at height may result fall from height of workers leads to serious injury or even fatality. Failure to providing safe work places, and allowing incompetent...