MAESTRO character description
Eduard Keller:
 A talented maestro, a great pianist that have hidden himself into the darkness, wanting to be unseen. He was an old man that was easily misjudged because of his physical appearances. He once was an Austrian, a student of Leschetizky, a German citizen with also a family. His Jewish wife Mathilde and son Eric both were murdered during WW2 whilst he performed for Hitler. (Paul: He believed that being a famous German citizen would save his Jewish wife and child from the Nazi’s. But this was not to be the case.)   (Joseph Henisch: They did not die. They were murdered. Pg136)   (Paul: First impressions? Misleading, of course. Pg3)
 At Darwin, he lived at the Swan, in a hotel room above a bar. He became Paul’s teacher and tutored him through his musical journey. Most times Keller would try to stay invisible to others, he rarely went out. Keller was also an alcoholic, he had a shared beer garden and he loved his Schnapps and newspaper. He had many self-made scrapbooks filled with newspaper articles that have been pasted in, an entire collection of valuable records of human foolishness. (Paul: Living above The Swan, he is rarely seen without a schnapps and a newspaper.)   (John: A weakness for bibacity. Pg9)   (Paul: Keller constantly collects clippings of newspaper articles. It seems he liked to study the behavior of others to help him understand himself.)
 Keller was a well cultured character, much in contrast to people that lived in Darwin within the text. He had manners of a noble, however he had no idea how to compliment others and encourage his students. This was affected by his depressing experiences during the war, from insensitivity and stupidity which shattered his family.   (Paul: The suit: white linen, freshly pressed. And absurdly, In that climate – the stiff collar and tie. Pg3)   ( Keller: I do not like your Chopin. Pg12)   (Keller: Fortunately –unlike you- she understands that she does not understand. Pg12)