Maestro and Doing Time for Patsy Cline

Good morning/afternoon class and teacher.
Different images are used to convey challenging ideas; in the book Maestro and the film Doing Time for Patsy Cline both use images to do so.
In the motion picture Doing Time for Patsy Cline, images are used to generate feelings between Patsy and Boyd’s love towards each other; this is developed through the movie by the constant image of them being together.   Boyd’s character is made out to be complex but he turns out to be not as bad as he is seen in the other parts of the movie. His undying love for Pasty through the movie helps to see how he is a caring guy. His reasons for having the drugs to sell are to give Patsy what she deserves in life, example nice clothes and cars. The challenges and rules broken to keep Patsy happen are displayed through the image, as you can tell emotion, the body language towards other. Examples of emotion towards each other is during the night scene when Boyd   is tapping out drugs, then he speeds up and come to a stop and gets out of the car patsy follows to calm him down by slowly bringing him into a slow dance. Although there is no dialogue to this part of the film the actions and movements of the two characters allow the audience to feel and understand what is going on between the two characters.
Boyd’s and Patsy’s love is also shown by when patsy is diagnosed with cancer and she arrives at the jail to tell Boyd the emotion that is felt in the room is high, his actions of not being able to look at her describe how he feels and how he cannot bare to look at her knowing that his loved one is sick and he is unable to do anything about it.
In the book Maestro, the main character Paul is a teenage boy, who has a love for music as he grows older during the book he discovers more about himself. Paul’s attraction to girls in the book is complicated as his love for two girl and the way he describes them are two completely different girls. Megan is desirable, her images is represented through a...