Maestro suggests that disappointments can lead to personal growth. DISCUSS.
Maestro is a fictional memoir based on the relationship between Paul and his piano teacher,Keller.Deeper,Keller is not only taught Paul piano lesson but also taught him life lesson.Once the story went on,there was a contradictory relationship build between Paul and Keller. As Keller's history was revealed piece by piece,Paul grew up from the former immature young boy. On the one hand,the complexities and the terrible events Keller has experienced lead him into believe that it is his over-confidence bring his wife and son's death thus he always taught Paul with criticisms and suggests Paul to accept his limitations.but on the other hand,it is possible that Keller's relentless criticism may actually prevent Paul from becoming a concert pianist.
Keller's past indicate that self-satisfied is harmful and he had carried the burden of guilt in his rest of life. Once Eduard Keller was a famous concert pianist in Vienna when WW2 started. He played piano for Hitler in Berlin and he strong believed that "Who would harm the wife of Eduard Keller?" Ironically while Keller was performing, the Nazis killed his Jewish wife and son. Keller was devastated, he believed it is his over-confidence caused their death and maturity is gained only through suffering. He started to become one that greatly exaggerates his faults, and suggests that criticism is necessary. Later Keller taught Paul 'life lessons', which was all derived from his own experience, plagued with suffering.
It is clear to see that Keller considered the boy spoilt, arrogant and over indulged by his parents’ doting, he may have found something common with himself in Paul so he tried to teach Paul to be less proud. Yet Paul is corrupted by pride and the idea that he is great, almost perfect even. This self-satisfaction does wonders to boost his ego, as he predicts instant fame and fortune will fall at his feet. When he first meets...