Machine to Make Wood Pellets/Wood Pellet Machine

At present, countries all over the world show much concern for global warming and put national emphasis on low-carbon economy. Industry of wood pellet mill In many country is showing an increasing growth. Meanwhile, more and more countries have begun to update power plants which use coal as its main energy to wood pellets, straw and grain-oriented power plants, which is especially common in Western countries. Wood pellet machine is featured by its environmental benefits. It turns straw and wood pellets to fuel, which not only increases the income of farmers, but also protects the environment. It has a potential trend in international market.

Wood Pellet Mill

Most of the power plants in Western countries has begun to use biomass fuels as the main fuel, therefore wood pellet machine is also in increasing demand in these countries. What is more, they mainly purchase small models. Because the majority of the Western families use wood pellets as fuel, they tend to buy wood pellet machine to gain wood pellets as fuel, instead of the traditional coal.

Essential Knowledge about Machine to Make Wood Pellets/Wood Pellet Machine

In essence, the characteristics and qualities of raw materials have a direct impact on the quality of Machine to Make Wood Pellets/Wood Pellet Machine. Particle size, material density, moisture content and lignin percentage are all key factors that will affect the performance of materials. Before put into wood pellet mills, wood materials must be crushed into specified size to be further used. Wood materials can be hard or soft wood. They should be properly classified according to their density. Also wood materials usually contain certain percentage of water, so they should be dried to reach requirement. We all know that it is hard to bond materials together if they have high moisture content. Lignin percentage is various in different woods. When los of wood are mixed together, a certain amount of additives will be needed to make sure they...