Have You Got Wood Chip Dryer Machine Thus Far?

With the escalation of industrial structure, the original cast or just low-level utilization of wood chips after drying can biomass particles, boiler combustion, gasification and power generation, carbon, etc. After entering into wet wood chip dryer inside the cylinder under uniform copying turning plate, inside the dryer evenly dispersed in contact with the hot air fully effects of (over), speed up the drying heat transfer, mass transfer.In the process of drying, wood materials with gradient copy board and under the action of heat medium, to another section of the discharge valve to discharge the dryer to dry the finished product. So we need the slurry dryer, such as wood chip dryer.

Dryer Machine

Wood chip dryer, which is one main kind of slurry dryers, is designed for sawdust, sawdust, wood powder, wood drying of materials, design and manufacture of special equipment. This slurry dryer Has a large drying production, energy saving effect is remarkable, low maintenance, etc. Main working principle of this slurry dryer is: wood into sawdust dryer by spray torch, together with the rotary cylinder material inside the drum fluidization, boiling hot wind and touch the material thoroughly, complete dry. Three-channel dryer is the mainstream in the process of wood particles and other biomass pellet production equipment, widely used at home and abroad since 10 years. Three-channel dryer using high temperature rapid drying technology, equipped with biomass fuel stove, high degree of automation, dry products of good quality and drying system safety fire protection device is installed inside, hot air heat recycling device, such as high yield, low cost, safe and reliable production

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