Love Is Love

Love is Love
Jovanna Parker
PHI 103 Informal Logic
Naomi Sanderovsky
May 6, 2012

Love is Love

There has been a lot of focus on gays and lesbians in the recent years. Slowly but surely our nation is coming to accept them into our society today. Be that as it may, there still lies a line with what we call immoral and what is sociably acceptable. When do we have the right to determine that line?   What rights do gays have and what rights are they entitled to?   The answer is that they should be allowed to marry, the same as every other free heterosexual couple. There should be no discrimination against gays getting married. We should all be entitled to equal rights. . Some say gays getting married should be immoral, but I say it is discrimination.
Same-sex marriages are looked down upon in our society so bad that it has even been outlawed in the United States. This is because people claim it a state of “unnaturality”; which in actuality people cannot accept this because it has not is not been a traditional or conventional type of marriage.
I remember an explanation of the difference between America and Russia when I was very young. I was told that in America we have freedom. We have the right to stand in the middle of the street and scream, "I hate Reagan!" The broadcast explained that in Russia they couldn't do that. I remember that because it was very striking. I didn't hate Reagan (I was very young) but I knew that I could do that if I wanted to.
This type of discrimination should not take place in a land we call the free. If we were in another world were history had been altered and everyone grew up were same-sex affection was normal and the attraction between two individuals of the same-sex was normal and heterosexual attraction was wrong, then a whole new story would be present. What we’ve made of this world defines what we believe is right and wrong, and same-sex marriages shouldn’t be any exception.
Same-sex marriages has limited or below...