Lord of the Fliews Summary

The lord of the flies

Lord of the flies is about a group of school-boys that are stranded on an island without any adults. The island, in my opinion, is the most important factor of the book, other than the school boys. I think this because the way it is laid out can change the behaviour and attitude of the group. From the very first few pages the island can be perceived as being dark, strange and very mysterious.

In the first paragraph of the story the island is describes as having “creepers and broken trunks” this gives the reader the impression that the island is probably deserted and desolate.   The story also starts on a scar. A scar is a ‘steep craggy place.’ I think the reason for starting the story on a scar is because something that is steep and craggy gives the impression that it is very dangerous and that it wile ad to danger in the future.

Later on in the book Golding describes the island outside the jungle as having ‘palm trees leaning and reclining against the light…torn grass everywhere by the upheaval of fallen trees.’ I think that this can be interpretated as the grass being the school-boys and they will soon be torn by something which is would be the palm trees. The way it is torn suggests that it was violent and that someone or something turns the children. Furthermore Golding describes the scar as ‘dark’ implying it will cause much evil as this is often associated with darkness.

The scene then changes to a beach. Golding describes the beach as ‘interrupted abruptly with pink granite.’   The colour pink usually is associated with caring and loving traits however; granite is black or grey and I think pink granite is describe means that something loving and caring may turn gradually into something dark and mysterious. In this section of the book golding also describes the palm trees being’ young but there isn’t enough soil to survive’ again I think that golding is describing the actual story and that these young school-boys will soon not...