Looking for Alibrandi

By studying Melina MArchetta's novel, "looking for Alibrandi" and the poem "The Road not Taken" by Robert Frost, new insights have been gained as to what an inner journey is. In the novel, Josephine Alibrandi undertakes an inner journey where she goes through a transformation of herself. she grows and matures in the light of experiences which challenges and inpires her. Josie also becomes more aware of her cultural identity, her thoughts and her feelings towards her family.
At the beginning of the novel, Josie's sense of identity is very weak. She attends St Martha's with a scholarship, securing her place in a very wealthy school event though Josie is not as well off as the wealthy Anglo Celtic girls. At her school Josie's Italian background has been the reason for much persecution towards her in her life. Her background among the upper class origins of her peers also creates a sense of unease. Because of her troubles, Josie desperately wants to be free from everyone.
Marchetta's novel is written in the first person narrative voice of the protagonisst, Josephine Alibrandi. This writing style gives us as readers, Josie's personal persective of events and insights into her thoughts and feelings about her experiences on the inner journey, "My emancipation didn't happen like i expexted it would". Because Josie is telling us the sotry, her language and style are part of what contributes to our understanding of her inner journey.
Josie tells her story with a mixture of sophisticated, emotive and colloquial language. This conveys both Josie's intelligent perception of the world as well as the realistic voice of an Australian teenager. It helps the reader to identify her progess on her inner journey and emphasises her experiences as she matures, struggles, changes and learn about herself and the world, "Ill say that with pride because it's pride that i feel".
The Metaphor of 'running' is expressed throughout the whole book and it shows the audience how...