Looking for Alibrandi

Journey is a term that implies travel which can offer up new sights or experiences. The implication of a journey comes in many forms. It can be positive or negative in nature, physical or emotional. Regardless of the form this journey may take, it tends to consist of many challenges or barriers that have to be met before a final goal is reached. Most journeys have repercussions that last long after the journey itself has been completed, providing a benchmark for what life was like before the journey and what it was like afterwards. This is reflected throughout the novel through a variety of events that happen to the characters which influences their lives and changes their perspectives on it forever.
Looking for Alibrandi is a novel which mostly deals with the concept of an emotional journey and its change on perspectives. Through a number of characters, the author demonstrates clearly the concept of emotional journeys and its changing perspective. Through various events, the author shows that change and change of perspective can be triggered by certain events and experiences over a period of time. It can be gradual and is a natural part of growing up. Every person faces their own perspectives, which is reflected in the novel mainly through the idea that adolescence is a time of rapid change. A key event in the novel that indicates an emotional change through journeys is when Alibrandi met her father, Michael Andretti. Initially, before she had even met Michael, she resented him. She feels that he abandoned her mother while she was pregnant. When she first meets him however she gets the impression that he is intelligent and a decent human being, though she doesn’t make it known to him.
One day at school, Josephine gets into a fight with another girl Carly Bishop. Carly’s father threatens to take legal action against her and in the spur of the moment; Josephine says her father is a lawyer. After arriving at the school, her father unexpectedly and surprisingly...