Literature Review

W6 Annotated bibliography
Leopoldo Reyes Carballo
University of Phoenix
Annotated Bibliography

Adler, P. S. (1988). Managing Flexible Automation. California Management Review, 30(3), 34-56. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.
      This is a good overview article from a well-known, management specialized school that focuses on the management of technology. The Author considers the point of view of practicing managers about managing flexible automation systems. The challenges posed by the flexible technologies are considered from the human perspective.

Bi, Z. Z., Lang, S., Verner, M. M., & Orban, P. P. (2009). Development of reconfigurable machines. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 39( 11/12), 1227-1251. doi:10.1007/s00170-007-1288-1
      This is an exceptional resource for evolution about reconfigurable machines and their challenges because of the obstacles of their development. The authors use a survey on the development of reconfigurable machines to clarify the necessities and drivers, define academic and issues involved in the development, the state of art on design methodologies and identify the future research trends.

Tripathi, A. K., Tiwari, M. K., & Chan, F. S. (2005). Multi-agent-based approach to solve part selection and task allocation problem in flexible manufacturing systems. International Journal of Production Research, 43(7), 1313-1335. doi:10.1080/00207540412331299710
      This is an excellent and thorough article covering the multi-agent approach to solve part selection and task allocation problem in flexible manufacturing systems. The authors described the activities of the four agents (communicator, machine, part, and material handling device) involved in carrying out the tasks of allocating parts on different machines.   The algorithm used by the communicator agent for part allocation among the machines that have submitted bids is presented and described.

NaiQi, W., & MengChu, Z. (2011). Intelligent token Petri...