Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review

Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review
Most of today's society, nationally and internationally turns to an Advocate for help after they have failed in an attempt by themselves. This paper will demonstrate the current national Human Services agencies available to those in the United States as well as nations out of the country. The following are three of the agencies available; National Center for State Courts, Community Mediation, Inc., and Childhelp.
National Center for State Courts (NCSC)
The National Center for State Courts website focuses on court-connected alternative dispute resolution. This center uses mediation as the primary dispute resolution method used by courts and the one most "alternative" to traditional court processes. The majority of this site concerns court-connected mediation. Some information about court-connected arbitration can also be found here. Particular areas of interest include: Appellate, Arbitration, Civil and Small Claims, Criminal/Victim-Offender. Needing help to solve problems, The National Center for State Courts can help and take you to the right information. They may help from a very simple and quick phone call or e-mail referral and even to a complete research to implementation support. Projects that NCSC uses to help can comprise short reviews and assessments of administrative policies and procedures, long-term studies and evaluations with policy recommendations, and direct assistance in setting up or modifying programs and services.  
Community Mediation, Inc. (CM)
Community Mediation is a non-profit organization and it focuses on empowering individuals, families, organizations and communities to find a solution to their own disagreement. Community Mediation particular area of interest are: neighborhood problems Tenant/landlord disagreements, employment issues, juvenile and school conflicts, minor criminal incidents, and public policy issues. It also, offers help from a range of conflicts. For example, help...