Liberation War of Bd



1. Bangladesh a brave and heroic nation, earned its independence in 1971 at the

cost of millions of its brave son of the soil. Liberation war of Bangladesh is a glorious episode of the nation’s history, distinct from liberation wars fought elsewhere. Birth of Bangladesh, as a separate physical and political entity on the world map is associated with memories of great sacrifices, bitter struggle and great pain. Liberation war of 1971 is a landmark event in nation’s history and that of the world. It was fought at the backdrop of a protracted history of subjugation, struggle for identity, dignity and freedom in all spheres of life. It was prolong and costly in terms of destruction and death. One of the major manifestations of the war is the operation conducted by large, well organised army against helpless, unarmed people led by an odd assortment of poorly armed soldiers and Mukti Bahini. At the backdrop of a trail of contributory events the traumatic massacre of 25 March 1971 unfolded a full-scale war beginning with resistance operations. Having withstood the shock of the initial onslaught, the Liberation Army took the battle to the entire enemy artery by guerrilla warfare. Throughout the nine months of war, operations of different dimension and magnitude were conducted from within and outside the territory. The Indian government trained and equipped Bangladesh guerrillas in order to keep the Bangladesh movement alive. Eventually, operations in the early months prepared the stage for the final offensive. These ranged from actions by relatively large forces to a small-scale engagement; fought either in conformity to or outside the overall plan. There were representations from all three services and mass people. The war leaves a host lessons for the students of military history and demand due reckoning. 2. Pakistan emerged as an independent state in 1947 with two wings – the East

and the West,...