Definition of an NGOi:   N (Non) G (Governmental) O (Organization) is a an organization that is neither a part of the government nor a for-profit business.

BRAC’s Mission is to empower people and societies in circumstances of poverty, illiteracy, disease and social injustice. There interventions goal to achieve large scale, confident changes through economic and social programmes that let people to understand their real potential at life.   They are just looking for a world free from all methods of mistreatment and discrimination where everybody has the chance to appreciate their potential.   They have many different values that they follow by like: Innovation, Integrity, Inclusiveness, and Effectiveness.
BRAC’s has a great history and background in 1972 the organization was known as Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee founded by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed. Put up a small relief and rehabilitation project to help returning war refugees after the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. Around nine months   At the end of 1972, when the primarily phase of relief work was over, BRAC turned towards long-term development needs and re-organized itself to focus on the authorization of the poor and people without any land, particularly children and women. 1974, BRAC had started providing micro credit and had started analyzing the usefulness of credit inputs in the lives of the poor.   Research and Evaluation Division (RED) remained established up by BRAC in 1975 to analyze and evaluate its activities and provide direction for the organisation to evolve. 1977, BRAC removed from community expansion towards a more beleaguered approach by establishing village groups called Village Organizations (VO). 1979, BRAC arrived the health field by founding a nation-wide Oral Therapy Extension Programme (OTEP), a movement to fight diarrhoea, the leading cause of the high child mortality rate in Bangladesh. 1986 BRAC started its Rural Development Programme that incorporated four major...