Running Head: THE BIRTH OF BANGLADESH       1

The Birth of Bangladesh:
The Liberation War of 1971
Stefanie A. Chaney
Southern Nazarene University
To truly understand the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 you must first have insight into the economic and political state of Pakistan that had been forming for years prior to the War.   When the United India broke from British in 1947, it formed into two separate states Indian and Pakistan. The split was based mostly based upon the religion, Hindu was the dominate religion of Indian therefore Muslims formed Pakistan to avoid living under a Hindu state. What was East Bengal’s, now Bangladesh, population was mostly made up of Muslims so they joined with Pakistan, however majority of the prominent people were Hindu, including government service, lawyers, doctors, teachers, and dominating industries. Therefore when East Bengal became East Pakistan many Hindus hold the key position migrated to Indian, and Muslims in Indian, most coming from Bihar, migrated to East Pakistan. (Williams, 1972)
Both West and East Pakistan were in a direr economic state struggling to survive. West Pakistan was in a better position due to having slightly more administrative and service people, and having been more developed from the beginning, and East Pakistan was over populated and underdeveloped. East Pakistan in addition to having lost most all people in key positions took another hard blow. Their main source of income came from jute crops which the Indian business men in the previous years had always financed, moved and marketed. They now stopped coming in hopes the cultivators were become so desperate that they would accept unreasonably low prices. West Pakistan quickly used their resources to finance the crops and build Jute mills. (Williams, 1972)
In doing this, West Pakistan had sent many people to East Pakistan, trying to fill the position of the more educated Hindus that had migrated. West...