Level 5

Explain how to support effective communication within own job role. In my job role as a service manager it is important to have good communication skills which will develop positive relationships and share information with people using the services to ensure the best outcome for the service user and for the staff team.
I need to communicate well with service user’s families, support workers, colleagues and
other professionals on a daily basis. I use several different forms of communication within my role. Interpersonal skills enable me to interact with another person successfully.
Having good communication skills are vital for working in this role as they help to develop positive relationships with service users and their families and friends to understand and meet their needs. This enables me to build positive working relationships with work colleagues and other professionals. This also gives me the tools to share information with people using the service by providing and receiving information, which enables me to report and plan on the work I do with other people. An initial assessment and application form is put together by myself with the service user, families and other health professionals like speech therapist, sensory integration team and intensive interaction. I put an assessment together before the service user enters our organisation so that I can gain all the information required to effectively support this individual. Some of the information will involve capacity, religion, preferred methods of communication and day to day needs. This information is accessible to the relevant staff team that will be directly involved with this service user. The information will go into a file and be locked in the data room so that the information is shared on a need to know basis in conjunction with the data protection act 1998.   Keeping information secure will maintains trust from the people and the families we support so that confidence in sharing information...