Level 5 Childcare & Education

Unit 7
Explain own roles and responsibilities in working with colleagues.

My own   role in working with colleagues involves being approachable ,providing support ,working as part of a team,deligating strengths and weaknesses ,sharing relevant information,promoting good practice by
ensuring that all policies and procedures meet current legislation and law,completing deadlines,
understanding when I need help and asking for support or advice and being informative to the staff of current vacancies ,training opportunities and relevant information .
As manager of a childcare setting it is important to share knowledge and skills through role modelling ,shared reflective practice and supervisions.Staff need to be given clear expectations and be held
accountable.I need to ensure that practitioners strengths and weaknesses are developed and endeavour to recognise each individuals skills and show that I value them individually as a member of our team.I work
towards developing trusting relationships with every member of staff within my setting,including the cleaners and visiting personnel. Diversity,inclusion and equality are at the core of good practice and are modelled in my everyday practice and the expectations I have for staff and children.Working with colleagues also entails;

: Building trusting relationships
: Honouring promises and commitments
: Communicating with staff and being approachable for staff to communicate with ease by making time
  available ,being approachable ,emphatic listening and guidance.
: managing conflict and repairing relationships to ensure best practice.
: being emphatic by seeing things through my colleagues viewpoint and giving guidance and ways forward.
: sharing relevant information and presenting it clearly !consistent and accurately.
: Modelling good practice and ensuring practice meets current legislation.
: Ensuring that every individual feels valued.
: Supporting every practitioner by understanding their...