Higher Education for Rural Women

This paper expected to highlight a Higher Education for rural women of India. Education has played a vital role in the life of people since ancient times. Yet the change and development that took place in the tiled of education till date has enhanced the level of education but unfortunately it remained a backdrop in the life of Indian rural women who have been in a pathetic state even in the previous centuries the aspect of development could not touch sorry condition of Indian rural women .Certain problems & hindrance led them to this state .such as unavailability of educational material in the village low economic status of villagers, unemployment, no means of transport and communication, belief in social customs, orthodox rituals & superstitions which have reason or logic. Consequently the Indian rural women remain unaffected by the educational field. In the present time we find a great change in the educational level of Indian rural women but in regard to Indian urban counterpart, they are yet a great way behind. the no Indian   rural women in field of education is meager, hence only 55 % percent   of them are able to acquire the educational standard even today, the Indian government can be making available the material regarding education, awareness campaigns and programs attached with various plans to spread education, development of public transport, means of communication & avenues of employment in villages. The village people should also come forward to educate their womenfolk leaving behind superstitions, rituals &vain customs. Not only that even the Indian rural womenfolk needs to stand up for their right to education provided to than by constitution. These factors & ways can lead the Indian rural womenfolk to educated & become an essential part in building & developing nation.