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Teaching & Supporting In Schools

Assignment 2
Schools As Organisations

Question 1; Summarise entitlement and provision for Early Years Education
You need to understand clearly what your responsibilities are as a teaching assistant. Your responsibilities should be set out in your job description if you are already employed as a teaching assistant. If you are a student you should have guidelines from your college.

When you know what your responsibilities are, you will be clear about what is required from you. You should not be required to perform duties or activities that you are not qualified or not allowed to do, for example give first aid or administer medicines. However, do not refuse to do a task just because it is not in your job description-sometimes it may be necessary for everyone to help out.

Here are some of the general tasks you may be expected to do as a teaching assistant:
  * Set out or put away equipment
  * Help younger pupils, or older pupils who have physical disabilities get ready for a P.E. lesson
  * Check pupils’ work
  * Encourage pupils to correct their own mistakes
  * Supervise practical work activities
  * Keep an individual pupil and/or group on task
  * Assist the pupil(s) to catch up on any missed work
  * Check equipment for safety

Teaching assistants also have specific tasks that the class or subject teacher asks them to do. For example, supporting pupils’ learning during a lesson or activity by:
  * Repeating instructions given by the teacher
  * Taking notes for a pupil while the teacher is talking
  * Transcribing a pupil’s dictation
  * Clarifying meaning and/or ideas
  * Explaining difficult words to a pupil
  * Promoting the use of dictionaries
  * Reading and clarifying textbook/worksheet activities for a pupil
  * Reading a story to an individual pupil or small group
  * Listening to pupils read
  * Playing a game with an individual pupil or small group
  * Directing...