Level 3 Stl Unit31-1

Task 3
Answer the following questions in the spaces provided.

You are approached by the mother of a child in your classroom, 6 year old Henry. She tells you that Henry often worries and cries about his friend Demetri, who does not attend your school. Henry has told her that Demetri is locked up in a small dark cupboard every night. She is concerned for Demetri’s well-being but as she is friends with Demetri’s aunt and uncle she does not want you to pass the information on. She just wants to know how you can both support Henry through this upsetting time.

How will you respond to Henry’s mother?

What action will you take?

How would you justify your decision and actions if you were asked to?

I would ask her if I could speak to Henry about it and check out what he means and then get back to her about it. I would also let her know that I would keep an eye on him over the next few days to see if he becomes upset in school. I would also make a written note of the conversation with Henry’s mum.
I would explain to her that if I felt that their was a genuine reason to suspect that Demitri was at risk of significant harm (through conversations with Henry etc) I would need to speak to the designated safeguarding officer at school to get more advice. This would not necessarily mean that information would be shared at this point, it would just be that I would need to check out the situation with someone with experience in these matters.

I would thank her for telling me her worries and explain that due to Henry’s age (6) it is important that we speak to him again about Demitri and try and get more detail about what he means about the ‘small dark cupboard’ and to also ask him where he got the information from, ie: did he hear it from someone else, or directly from Demitri or has he seen him in the cupboard?

This is not to say that we do not believe him, but we need to check out the details and not dive in at the deep end –...