Level 3, Education & Training 301

The role and responsibilities in education and training is to ensure that every learner is included.   This can be achieved by identifying their needs.   You can establish if the learner has any special needs, what motivates the learner and what other previous educational experiences they might have.   By conducting an initial assessment, interview or referral forms.  
You have to respond to diverse needs to individuals.   Take into account if they have any learning disabilities or learning difficulties including medical conditions.   In some cases the leaner may have profound and multiple learning difficulties.   What are the functional skills and set them out in an individual learning plan.   Every student has to be risk assessed.   It is advantageous that as a teacher you understand and are familiar with the outside agencies and what they can offer, this in turn will benefit the learner.
As an effective instructor you need to Plan and Design.   The things to take into consideration are the course length, the session length, what is on the syllabus, what types of different teaching methods suit the learners, what resources are available and what type of assessment would be applicable.   Various teaching methods, different teaching aids, a structured format and the option to be flexible.
You need to be flexible is how you deliver the course.   You may need to adapt sessions, change your teaching methods, resources while the lesson is in progress.   Remember to be inclusive of all learners, engage with them this could be in the form of interactive group work or showing a demonstration.
Have the students learned what you intended?   This can be assessed formally or informally.   This can be done in the form of a presentation, observations, and practical demonstrations, in a written format or questioning and recapping.
At the end of lesson or course you should evaluate.   What is your and your learner’s opinions of the lessons?   How could it be made better next time?   Consider...