Letter to Editor


  1. Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper on the health hazards caused by junk food.

        a) This junk food is readily and easily available at various outlets at a very affordable price so it attracts of all ages.
        b) It has no nutritional value.
        c) Health get damaged and we are infected with disease of heart, diabetes and other such health hazards.
        d) The intake of such fast food should be as minimal as possible so that we satisfy out taste buds without harming our health.

  2. Health hazards caused by pesticides

        a) The rapid growth of science and technology has brought about its own share of ill effects.
        b) Excessive use of pesticides is harmful as its traces are found in produce.
        c) These not only takes away the natural goodness of the vegetables and fruits but also allows the toxins to enter our body.
        d) This is leading to various kinds of disease and deformities among people .
        e) It is impossible to comprehend how a section of our society adopt such a callous attitude towards human lives, thus endangering them.

  3. India’s poor show at Athens Olympics

        a) India is seen as one of the fastest developing country is the world as of now. It has one of the largest population. Still it has performed vary badly in the Athens Olympics , earning just one medal.
        b) India is cricket obsessed nation. No other sport is given as much importance, coverage or sponsorship.
        c) Indian’s do not have fighting spirit or the winning edge. They are content with being mediocre and second rate in sports.
        d) There is lack of good infrastructure for sports e.g., paly grounds, coaches ctc.
        e) These problems can be solved by giving more coverage and attention and by making public more aware of them.
        f) More people should be encouraged to bring out their hidden talents for these sports so that India can stand at par with other countries and make...