Letter to the Editor

Olympian cyclist, Lance Armstrong has created much media controversy since being found guilty of using performance enhancing substances by the USADA. For years Armstrong has also been advocate and representative fund raiser for the Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation. ‘Enough is Enough’, an article written by cancer patient Chris, was written as a plea to the public to re-evaluate the personal criticism toward Armstrong and to take a more positive stance of his highly successful achievements for the charity and for the inspiration he created amongst countless cancer victims. The open letter written by Chris is a strong attempt at condemning the ruthless condemnation of Armstrong and uses passionate and persuasive strategies to argue for a more forgiving approach to a man who is clearly remorseful of his actions.

‘Enough is Enough’, published in January 2013 draws attention to how Armstrong has been treated appallingly by society. The author highlights how people should acknowledge the broader positive actions of Armstrong rather than focus on his one career mistake. The author pleads to society to forgive him and to not destroy his personal story and the legacy which has had vast benefits for the people who really need its support. Enough is Enough focuses on the tolerance of human failings, the Australian reputation of a “fair go” and respecting the important achievements of an individual’s personal impact on others.

Armstrong is portrayed as an idol to cancer sufferers and that he is admired by the writer himself in regard to his own personal battle with cancer. Chris quotes “it was Armstrong who gave me hope and strength”. Through the author’s anecdote and representative of many other cancer victims, credibility is created to the fact that Armstrong was a hero in his own right, on a personal level rather than a professional one. In this perspective Armstrong should be given a “fair go” and forgiven. The author believes that the Foundation achievements were...