Writing Task: Letter

Dear editor,

I had just read an article about Diamond’s theories that was published on your newspaper few days ago. My purpose of writing this letter is to explain my views in response to this particular article.

Diamond’s theories were made based on 3 factors, which are Guns, Germs and Steel and I agree to his theory. The main reason for it is because I think he analyzed most of the reasons and aspect that lead to the prosperity and decline of different cultures and civilisation.

Additionally, I strongly agree that geography does bring certain degree of impact to different civilization. For example, the shape of the basin, they affect the growth of Chinese and European civilization. Chinese civilization was founded on domestication of irrigation dependent crops and they grew outwards from central east mainland because both of their river flowing almost parallel to one another. In addition, they never conquer other new land out of it's mainland because China on it’s own was already huge enough and they had already have everything that they need within the country. However, European civilization was not the same as China. They were founded on the domestication of the rainfall crops, which will grow anywhere as long as there is rain which in result giving European an easier life as they does not need to develop complicated irrigation technique. Furthermore, due to the nearness of each continent, they are really keen to explore new land. Therefore, resulting Europe almost conquered the whole world. If China wasn't a country that are surrounded by mountain, the one who conquered the world might not be the Europe.

Moreover, I think the “crops and animals” factors that Diamond had mentioned also play an important role too. It is because countries like Papua New Guinea they don't get to cultivate crops like wheat and rice and they also don't get to breed animals like pigs and cows. The crops that they cultivated are those which are...