Legalizing Mariguanna

Marijuana should be considered one of the safest drugs in the world and has been used for generations in many different cultures for medical uses, religious ceremonies, and social use. I believe that in order to control the war on marijuana in the United States the marijuana should be legalized.
Cannabis was described for its therapeutic use in the first known Chinese Pharmacopoeia (medical book). Cannabis was also used in Egypt for a disease called sore eyes because it brought more blood flow to the brain and eyes. The herb was also used in India their everyday culture including religious ceremonies. According to the Sanskrit Scriptural text around 1400 B.C. cannabis was considered the “soother of grief,” “the shy flyer,” and the “poor man’s heaven (answers 4).” The ancient Greeks would use cannabis for treatment of inflammation, earache, and edema. By 100 B.C. the Chinese were already using cannabis to make paper and sails for ships. In England Queen Elizabeth the 1st issued a decree saying that and one that had 60 acres or more were required to grow cannabis or be fined as a penalty (answers 4). By 1621 the British had made it mandatory to grow hemp in Virginia and by the 1850’s hemp had grow to be the 3rd largest agricultural crop in North America with over 8, 327 plantations with about 2000 acres each. Marijuana had been grown by farmers for generations and was used to make rope, canvas, paper, or cloth (answers 4).
Today about 11 million Americans age 12 and over are currently using marijuana and 77 percent of illegal drug users smoke marijuana (Lawler 5 ).According to a 1997 college freshman survey, 355 believed that marijuana should be legalized (Lawler). At Ferndale High School 50% of students believe that marijuana should be legalized, 89% thought that marijuana was easy to obtain, 33% have tried marijuana before, and 17%are current marijuana smokers (survey). Lucky for them there is an organization that is willing to help called NORML, which stands...