Legal Age to Drink

Should 18 Be The Legal Drinking Age

February 8, 2010
Part I: Thesis
What should the legal drinking age be? When do we consider our adolescents adults? We have so many different stages to becoming an adult, which to most people is when you turn eighteen years old. We are responsible enough to receive our driver’s license and get a job at sixteen years old. We are responsible and considered an adult at eighteen years old. When we turn eighteen we can buy a car, register to vote, serve on jury duty, purchase a house, and join the military. That being said, you can do all these things yet you cannot legally drink alcohol until you are twenty-one years old. Does this make any sense? No!
In today’s society we have so many different standards for what and when we are considered an adult and this at times seems to be confusing and a little mixed up. Why is it that for the most part and for most things we are considered an adult at the age of eighteen except for having the ability and option to drink alcohol? To legally drink alcohol we have to be twenty-one years old. Is this right? I do not think so. This seems to be a little hypocritical to me; we are telling our youth that they are considered adults at eighteen yet we will not let them drink alcohol unless they do it secretively and illegally.
This is a touch subject for me. Our adolescents are legally considered an adult at eighteen years old and we allow them to do many things: we allow them to vote, buy a car, serve on jury duty, purchase a house, and most of all join the military yet we will not allow them to drink alcohol. Why is that?
Why is it ok for eighteen, nineteen, and twenty year olds to join the military and risk their lives defending this country and other countries yet they cannot legally drink a bottle of beer? This to me is a very contradicting fact. Why do we trust these young adults to fight for our freedom and risk their lives in the process, yet we will not trust them to...