Newcorp Legal Scenarios

NewCorp Legal Scenarios
Haydee Acebo
Monday, March 1st, 2010
Denise Brown
NewCorp Legal Scenarios
This report will serve to present liabilities NewCorp has with the following encounters. I will also present regulatory, compliance requirements, and legal principles (statutory or case law) that are relevant to the scenarios.
      Involuntarily terminated from a job,     Furthermore, even if Pat, qualifies for the corrective action plan, the State where he is employed is at will, meaning that although a system is preferable, the company can still skip this step.
On the other hand, I don’t think Pat can use the Whistleblower Protection Act, the Disparate Treatment, or any other Title VII Acts as a defense for the unfriendly treatment senior management gave Pat after a school board meeting where Pat’s comments were unpopular among attendees.
In conclusion, managers at NewCorp need to make understanding letters clear, and that specify if management and supervisors qualify for the company’s corrective action. Also, management should have drafted a termination letter that explains a termination reason for Pat. Having a copy of this letter can help to document the fact for the unemployment office or future lawsuits.
On the other hand, NewCorp faces a second liability under the legal principal of Sex Discrimination, “Many of the initial discrimination suits were brought in response to “protective legislation,”which consisted of state statutes that prohibited women from working in certain fields and occupations for safety reasons,”(Jennings, 2006, p. 802). Sam prohibited Paula to transfer to another department and used the pretext that chemicals could harm Paula’s fetus if she were to become pregnant, leaving NewCorp exposed to another liability.
The exercise does not mention Sam is a medical expert; therefore, his opinion has no support. Sam could have requested a medical opinion before...