1. Who are the stakeholders in this case?

      The stakeholders are the owners, mangers, the communities and the employees of

  2. What are the interests of the stakeholder?

      The interests of the stakeholders are who was responsible for the wreck. What effect it would have on the community.   How the business and the owners, mangers employees and the communities would be affected by the accident.

      What is this corporation’s social corporate responsibility in this case for the four areas of corporate social responsibility?

      Legal- The legal responsibility would be taking care of the causalities and their families. See to that the families are taking care of. Then finding out what cause the wreck and why there weren’t some emergency protection and precaution put in place to prevent this tragic accident from happening. Why wasn’t an collision detection in place to keep this from occurring and better train people.

      Economic- The economic side why were there repairs this might have help prevent this from happening.

      Ethical- Somewhat of lack of responsibility or lack of protection for the passengers and crew on board. The conductor negligence caused many of lives to be loss, no communication, no horn, nobrakes.

      Philathropic_   Amtrak gave back to the families and the communities they serve.

      Based on what I have read the stakeholders had a lot at stake and there was no social responsibility at the time the wreck happen if so there should have been more precaution measure taken place.