Legal Issues

COURSEWORK FOR Legal Issues for Accountancy

DATE - 2nd April 2009


SEMINAR TUTOR - Charles Holleyman



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Describe the process of formation of a contract via offer and acceptance. Having done this, advise whether Di has concluded a binding contract with either Whizzo, EasyWidget or both. Please advise on the duties that Di would have held as a Director, and how she may be in breach of these

This essay will firstly explain the process of formation of a contract through offer and acceptance. Secondly it will advise whether Di has completed a binding contract with Whizzo, EasyWidget or both. It will then also advise the duties that Di would have held as a Director along with how she may be in breach of these. Finally this essay will conclude on whom Di had made a legal binding contract with, as well as making the right decisions as a Director and if she was in breach of her duties.

A contract is an agreement between two or more parties; it is legally binding and determines what the parties will or will not do. Contracts can be written or oral. An agreement comes into existence when one party makes an offer to be contractually bound by certain terms and conditions to another party, who then accepts the terms and conditions. They then communicate this to the offeror and the communication of the acceptance is what makes the...