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United Organic Pasta Incorporated Legal Issues
University of Phoenix
Business Law 415
Jerome Tatar
March 17th, 2008
      A company that is just being formed will have many issues to be considered over the lifetime of the enterprise. Legal problems can range from contractual disputes to what types of warranties will affect the daily activities of the corporation. In this paper, our team is going to discuss the Alternative Dispute Resolution process, how it fits into our business and what types of ADR the company will use. This paper will also explain the application of agency law to United Organic Pasta‚Äôs business operation and what kind of legal perspective the company will take if the agent-principle relationship is used. The definition and applicability of legal nuances for the different types of business entities and the impact the types will have on each person of the company will be explored. Lastly, the influence that e-business has on the overall business operation will be contemplated.
United Organic Pasta Incorporated Legal Issues
Table of Contents
1.   Introduction p. 4
  A. Business Characterization
2. Alternative Dispute Resolution Pp. 4-10
A. What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?
B. Alternative Dispute Resolution versus Litigation and Expected Results
        C. How does Alternative Dispute Resolution fit into our business?
        D. What types of Alternative Dispute Resolution can be used?
3. Agency Law Pp. 10-13
  A. Explain the applications of agency law to the business
            1. Agent (Representation)
            2. Agency (The Agreement)
  B. Why agents will or will not use agents in our business
        C. Legal perspectives of agent employment
4. Legal Nuances and Entities Pp. 13-14
  Description of the legal nuances and distinguishing of business entity type
  Selection of a particular business entity
  Impact of business entity...