Lean Process

Lean / Business Process Improvement
2/23/2010 Keith Poirier

• Introductions • Define “World Class” • Intro to “Lean” – It Forms the Basis for All Improvement Activities • Process Mapping – Tools, Techniques, and Helpful Hints • Mapping Simulation • Wrap-Up

What is “World Class”
• You are “the benchmark” in your industry • You are always in relentless pursuit of industry excellence • You live and breathe the principles of “lean” • Your employees (content experts) lead the way…

How to Become “World Class”
• You relentlessly pursue industry excellence • You practice and role model the living and breathing of the principles of “lean” • You get out of the way and let your employees (content experts) lead the way…

What is “Lean”
• World Class performance is the goal and “Lean” is the vehicle • “Lean” is canvas, the fabric, the foundation, the “intangible”
– It‟s the way we think, act, respond, teach; it‟s engrained in our culture – Lean fosters continuous improvement

• Lean utilizes many “tools”
– – – – Process Mapping & Waste Elimination Kaizen Kanban Etc., etc., etc.

Lean / Business Process Improvement ‘Visual’ Process Mapping Waste Elimination MBWA Kaizen 5S Work Balance ABC

People Flows Activities Flows

Effective Communication






Single-Piece Flow

Problem Solving – 5Why


The Big 3: People, Information and Materials

• People: Lean is about people, the way people think, how people behave, and how they react • Information: Lean needs information, not too little, not too much • Materials: Physical „stuff‟ to get the job done

Lean: People
• People perform physical tasks that we call „Activities‟ • These activities need structure (should be documented) • These activities should be standard (should be performed the same way every time!) • People need to be clearly connected between other people (customers-suppliers), information, and materials to...